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In other words, are the romantics right, or the cynics?

The author like to continue to believe that there is one special person out there, someone who is the perfect match for them?

Tim Harford claims that if you want to understand the way people choose their partners, a speed date is a great place to start.

At a speed date you can get information about each person responded to dozens of potential partners, something that would be impossible to collect in more traditional dating situations without binoculars, snooping devices, and a good private investigator.

When everybody has met everybody else and ticked date or no date for each name on his list or her list. Or do you want arguments for and against why it may not be a good model for mate selection?

That info will not be revealed until the next day, or over the Internet, and the men and women could continue chatting in blissful ignorance. - Results change dramatically if the men sit and the women move around- Most people end up in relationships with people they know from their social networks (work, school, world of warcraft), not people they met at a single event and perhaps a few dates.- participants are not a random sample of the (singles') population- Do they even attempt to do controlled experiments, using control groups, and changing variables while keeping the rest constant?

Tim Harford looks at competition, supply, and demand in the marriage market ... He shows how rational people respond in places where there are imbalances between the numbers of men and women available. Or do people adjust their standards depending on what they can get? Like one where people find 'love' without looking; which is pretty common.You could have 20 men and 20 women gathered together for an evening.Everyone has a name badge, a pen, a list of check boxes, drinks.v=FZUqb5U_v Ss&NR=1)He explains the brutal economics of tournament theory - and why it leads to office politics and overpaid bosses. v=iy Dkl8Pev SI&feature=related)Trust Me, I'm an Economist 2 (v=c Ycs Fyim_Cs&feature=related)Trust Me, I'm an Economist 3 (

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